The Sister's Arm Of CIOG


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May Allah ( SWT) bless us with the capacity to fulfill our responsibilities and continue working for the betterment of our Deen

and reward us richly for our dedication and sacrifice.

May He grant us His Mercy and Blessings both in this Life and the Hereafter.


NACOSA is the Women's Arm of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana and was established in 1992.

This committee is headed by Sis Aleema Nasir since 1999, when the previous Ameera Sis Shalimar Ali-Hack resigned.

NACOSA operates in all CIOG’s Regions with activities executed in and around the Masjids.

NACOSA’s mission is to raise the level of education and quality of life of women throughout Guyana. It seeks to promote the uplift and development of Guyanese through the provision of educational, moral, spiritual, financial and other forms of assistance.

NACOSA was established with the purpose “to develop self-reliance of women through education, nutrition training and health care activities and to provide social and economic assistance”.


·        To provide social services to women

·        To educate women, youth and children

·        To conduct a literacy programme for women and children

·        To provide counseling services

·        To equip women with income-generating skills.

In Islam, Muslim Women have rights given by Allah SWT and endorsed by our Beloved Prophet SAW over 1400 years ago. 

To date, our sisters are still struggling within their homes and their communities to access and enjoy those Divine Rights.

NACOSA is striving to educate, inform and train our sisters, so they can create a better life within their homes which is the basis of our community and our society, with special emphasis on the upbringing of our children, and the care of our elders. Our sisters are now more in the forefront and occupy leadership roles in Guyana.

NACOSA's programs are therefore geared towards an improved Muslim community based on Islamic Principles and high moral standards.

NACOSA intends to continue to participate, support and assist in executing the Education Program and Dawah activities of CIOG and to continue to train women in income generating skills in order to improve the financial position in their homes.

NACOSA would like to extend appreciation to all those who contributed to and supported our activities


* Sis Aleema Nasir  - Ameera

* Sis Shalimar Ali-Hack   - Adviser/Former Ameera

 * Sis Shameza Baksh - Trainer, Parenting Skills

* Sis Fazeela Khan. - Region 4 Bath Settlement Rep

* Sis Nafiza Samad. - Region 4 DeEdward  Rep

* Sis Nazroon Baksh. - Region 4 Blairmont Rep

* Sis Roshanie Ayube.  - Region 7 & 8

* Sis Rabeka Khan.  - Youth Rep

* Sis Anette DeFreitas.  - Assistant, Cancer Camps

* Sis Zeenatool Neshia - Assistant, Cancer Camps

* Sis Bibi Shariff. - Region 6 Rep

* Sis Zohara Shariff. - Region 6 Rep


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