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The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) was formed on the 1st July 1979 with its primary focus on helping the Muslims locally through an organised body. 

Over the years of its existence the CIOG has grown and expanded that it now assists non-Muslims.

The CIOG is governed by its President and A Central Executive Committee. We are a non-Governmental organisation that has affiliation with over 130 Masjids throughout Guyana.

Mission Statement

To provide leadership for the Islamic community of Guyana in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah (Way of life/conduct) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Upon Whom Be Peace) and to meet the spiritual, social, economic and general welfare needs of the society.

Aims and Objectives

 * To seek ways and means of alleviating the condition of poverty from the people of Guyana

 * To work in the area of providing education for the people of Guyana

 * To support the orphans and vulnerable children of Guyana

 * To provide for the elderly by providing food, nutrition, and housing facilities for them

 * To look into the interest of single parents

 * To carry out programs of awareness and education of HIV and AIDS

 * To promote awareness of the civic responsibilities of Guyanese and awareness of transparency and accountability

The Work of the CIOG

 * We provide for the poor and less fortunate with a monthly monetary contribution (Zakaat).

 * Over 1,244 Muslims receive an average of GY$5,500 monthly.

 * Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) -through sponsorship, we take care of 425 children. This includes school fees, books, and school supplies, transportation fees, medical assistance, and a stipend.

Sponsorship of these Orphans comes from the Zakaat House, State of Kuwait, Canada, United States of America, the United Kingdom and Caribbean countries at large. Annually, a grand Fun Day for all the orphans is held. The children enjoy a variety of games, lunch, and snacks and a bag of goodies. The Business community and individuals at large are encouraged to sponsor an orphan.

* Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) said, “The best house amongst the Muslims is one where an orphan is well treated, and the worst house amongst the Muslims is one where an orphan is badly treated”.

* A Messenger of Allah (SAWS) “Whoever caresses the head of an orphan in affection, solely for the sake of Allah, a good deed to his account for every hair over which he passed his hand and whoever treated an orphan with goodness and kindness, He and I will be close to each other in Heaven as two fingers”.

* Funeral service- due to the non-availability of any place to take care of Muslim funerals, the CIOG embarked on the service of burial of Muslims. Funeral arrangements of non-Muslims are taken care of in some cases as well. This service is provided on a cost recovery basis and in some cases is provided free.

* Education and Dawah- we provide training to persons within various communities who in turn assist in teaching and educating persons in Islam.

* Schools- The CIOG operates two schools. While these institutions of learning provide regular academic subjects, we also provide Islamic teachings for some of the students. We provide assistance in this regard to

many Muslim parents who are unable financially but would like their children to have a religious upbringing hence the schools are being run on a cost recovery basis.

Bursary Awards are given to students that would have excelled at the Caribbean Secondary Education Council (CSEC) and at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations.

Scholarships are awarded to deserving students to pursue higher level of education in a field they wish to embark upon.

The CIOG, being a religious non-profit organisation, works with International as well as other Local Organisations for the religious and social upliftment of all human beings.


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